Blog PostThe Essence of Corporate Culture: Understanding its Impact

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Defining organizational culture can be challenging. It's often described as the personality of your company, shaping its trajectory. Its Culture defines the work environment for employees.

Developing a robust organizational culture yields positive effects on the work environment, mission, ethics, values, and goals... This fosters a dynamic team with accountability and mutual respect among all members, both for each other and the company.

What makes it so important?

Everything you can define in life has a value attached to it. Taking into account that organizational culture can be defined in different ways, we can say it has many values. Normally, values come from the experiences and knowledge that the founder accumulated until this day — these will be the base for the ever-growing Culture of your organization. Various factors continually shape it, including work processes, methods, and intangible aspects of the organization.

The assumption is that if employees follow and understand the structure and process of the company’s culture, their goals will be taken down and your journey from the beginning to the output will be smooth sailing.

Like everything in life, over some time, Culture needs to be rethought and taken into consideration that not all of the starting beliefs are major or even useful for the company.

There might be a time when leaders may start thinking that the first principles and early beliefs don’t all make sense anymore, therefore they can change ones and eliminate others, to get the best out of them, leaving only the important ones that form the structure of the company. Culture can be deeply chained in the company’s growth, thus making changing it a harder task.

Some companies invest in their culture with employee participation on all levels and that helps employees understand the value they have to the corporation they work for!

Employees are happier when their workplace aligns with their needs and values, facilitating stronger relationships with coworkers.

Most of the time, Culture is the steering wheel of the organization. It creates a bubble in which employees aspire to conquer goals set by the company. The way every employee’s effort is measured is also defined by it.

Organizational Culture can help you build a more comfortable workplace to be in all day, making it seem that the day has gone by so fast that you’ll want to be there the next day, just to see if you can notice it.

Acceptance of the Culture is linked with how employees are willing to change with the organization.

Organizational Culture is, most of the time, good leverage for the development of the company. It is important to mold it to the market you are on and your competitors, in order to be the golden fish in the pond.

Invest in your Culture, and build your organization starting from within. A strong Culture builds a strong company.

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