Case StudyDama de Copas
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Value your customers with an incredible experience inside your store.


  • User Experience Design

  • User Interface

  • Front-End Development

  • SAP infrastructure


  • Live Styleguide

  • Interactive Prototypes

  • Android & iOS Native Front-End


  • Dama de Copas

Empowering Bra Fitters to Deliver Exceptional Boutique Experiences with Client-Centric Software.

Our Challange

Project Overview.

Dama de Copas is a premier bra-fitting boutique with a presence across Spain and Portugal, specializing in providing a completely personalized service for every woman seeking the perfect bra. Recognizing that at least 90% of women struggle to find the right bra in terms of model and size, Dama de Copas is on a mission to offer expert guidance and an unparalleled shopping experience in their physical stores.

The boutiques are staffed with skilled bra fitters dedicated to offering tailored advice to every visitor, guiding them through a seamless four-step journey:

  1. Check-in: Customers provide their information and are matched with a bra fitter.
  2. Fitting: The bra fitter assists the customer in selecting the ideal bra for any occasion, exploring various sizes and styles until the perfect fit is found.
  3. Sale: Customers proceed to purchase the bras that offer the best fit and meet their needs.
  4. After-Sale: The boutique conducts follow-ups to ensure product satisfaction and address any concerns.

our Solution

A Phased Approach Leveraging Expertise and Technology.


The essential duty of our bra fitters is to ensure that every woman seeking advice on purchasing a bra receives the best experience possible.


The goal was to enhance the boutique experience for both bra fitters and customers through innovative software. This software needed to provide instant access to all client information, facilitating greater mobility and agility within the boutiques. It was also required to integrate comprehensive details about products, stock levels, pricing, and locations seamlessly.

Research and Exploration

Our approach began with firsthand visits to the boutiques to engage with the bra fitters directly. Understanding every step of the customer journey was crucial. Through these conversations, we identified key opportunities to enhance service quality and began drafting initial concepts to improve customer interactions.


Low fidelity flows

In the initial design phase, we concentrated on three critical aspects of the product: the check-in process, the shopping experience, and the checkout procedure. This focus ensured that we addressed the most significant touchpoints of the customer journey, aiming to streamline and enrich the overall experience.



UI Components

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