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Dama de copas

Project Explanation

Dama de Copas is a dedicated bra-fitting boutique that have several stores across Spain and Portugal. The purpose of this niche business is to provide a 100% personalised service to every women that look for a bra. At leat 90% of women don’t know how to choose the right model and size, so, the mission of this brand is to provide expert advice and an incredible customer experience on the physical stores.

Boutiques have several bra fitters to provide personalised advice to each customer that comes in and walk through these four different moments:
1 - check-in ( filling up client’s information and assigned to a bra fitter)
2 - fitting ( bra fitter helps customer’s choosing the best bra, according to the occasion, type, purpose. Customer will try different sizes and formats)
3 - sale ( Customer goes on for purchase the items that suits)
4- after-sale ( Follow-up / product satisfaction).




The job to be done by the bra fitters is to provide the best experience possible to every woman that looks for advice when buying a bra.


Help bra fitters provide an awesome boutique experience, using a software that could have all the client’s information at the touch of a finger, allowing mobility, agility inside boutiques and combine information about the products / stock / prices / location.



Research and Exploration

Started by visiting the stores and talk with the bra fitters, understand all the moments of this process and start sketching some ideas that could improve the customer service.

Dama de Copas Research

Low fidelity flows

For the first design phase we focused our work on 3 features of the product: The check-in, the shopping and the checkout.

Dama de Copas Low Fidelity Flows
Dama de Copas Platform by Mediaweb

Look and feel

A view of the patterns we build to design the keyscreens of the flows.



High fidelity layouts

Cover up the main user stories on a clickable protoype: