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Do it Lean


Your Documents Anytime, Anywhere.

We were challenged by Do it Lean to rethink the user experience of this online product that allows organizations to manage business documents in a highly configurable and dynamic workflow. You can see more details of the product in their website: www.doitlean.com.
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Centralize User Acess

Cloud platform accessed through a comum link.

Automate your work

Increase your productivity out of the office.

Optimize internal processes

Define dynamic and automatic workflows.

Mobile enable your workforce

Quick and easy access through any mobile device

Redesign process

We got into the project right after some features were developed. We had the perfect timming to reap client's requirements and act fast on interface implementation.

SilkUI CaseStudy

OutSystems Silk UI

A Beautifully Responsive UI Framework

Dublin theme

OutSystems Silk UI enables development of complex user interfaces using pre-built patterns and samples which look beautiful on any device. Dublin is an awesome full responsive theme with a fluid layout and a prominent left menu.

What we have to do is create new patterns for the modules we have designed according to project requirements and in visual conformity with Dublin theme.

Creating those styles and patterns will allow project scaling and generate new pages and features in the future.

You can learn more about Silk UI framework at this website: labs.outsystems.net/SilkUI/Themes.aspx.

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