OutSystems Front-End development

ViaVerde+ Device

Our challenge

Friendly Customer Assistance Interface

Via Verde changed their branding and redesigned the way their customers interact with their brand.
As well as services - online and offline - were reimagined and improved.
We helped Do it Lean to adapt the new interface for customer assistance,
maintaining all the functionalities and logic already developed by them in the OutSystems platform.

ViaVerde+ Video Thumbnail
ViaVerde+ Outsystems Perspective Layout

OutSystems Silk UI Framework

Start with Vanilla theme from Silk UI.
Why? In this specific case it was the best solution to start a project from scratch. Vanilla theme has no color schemes and ultra-minimal CSS which allow fast OutSystems Front-End implementation of custom layouts creating new and specific patterns for the project.

SilkUI logo
ViaVerde+ Mockup Login Outsystems

New design approach

For this project we adapted several pre-built OutSystems patterns already available
on Silk UI Framework and created some new ones to fit the project needs with
the visual guidelines designed for the brand and all their products.

  • Custom Development
    Starting From scratch

    It is a great advantage to implement Front-End designs without choosing a pre-built theme if your project doesn't fit none in particular. Using the patterns from the framework and customize them for a specific context optimizes CSS and doesn't override default styles and maximising the performance of your application.

  • live style guide
    Building A Live Style guide

    When you develop your application, you should predict the scale of the product and this implies constant improvements and release of new features. Creating a live style guide will help the fast development as well as preview this components directly on the browser.

  • A Commitment To Quality

    Pillar combines smart, modern styling with all the features you’ll need to launch websites of almost any kind. Couple it with our exclusive page builder Variant and you’re golden.