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Migration From Traditional to Reactive Web

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Our Challenge

A Complex Migration

Wodify, a leading all-in-one gym management software platform serving over 5000+ gyms globally, faced the challenge of migrating their extensive application from OutSystems Traditional Web to Reactive Web Apps. The platform consists of hundreds of pages, demanding a nuanced, strategic approach to the migration. Partnering with Mediaweb, Wodify accelerated the transition without sacrificing any feature development or compromising on their existing user experience.

Our Solution

A Phased Approach Leveraging Expertise and Technology

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Enablement - New UI
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Gradual Migration
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1 Enablement - New UI

Mediaweb leveraged its product Rocket UI, an advanced UI framework that extends OutSystems' capabilities, to create a new, reactive version of Wodify's Design System. The new system combined OutSystems UI as its base while integrating Rocket UI for advanced components, layouts, and templates.

  • - Development of a comprehensive Design System Management tool
  • - Theme customization and component auditing for consistency
  • - Seamless transition for users through Single Sign-On integration

Optimizing User Experience


Our design team collaborated closely with Wodify, conducting a thorough UI audit to leverage the full capabilities of available tools. These strategic adjustments facilitated enhanced time management, ensured precise handovers between teams, and facilitated timely deliveries.

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2 Gradual Migration

The migration was conducted in parallel with ongoing development, thereby minimizing disruptions.

Migration Steps
  • - Identification of low-impact modules as proof-of-concept candidates
  • - Redesigning pages with performance or UX issues
  • - Strategic selection of other pages for migration based on the opportunity or necessity for improvement.


Seamless User Experience: By ensuring a consistent UI across both Traditional and Reactive Web Apps, Wodify could offer a seamless user experience.

Accelerated Development: With the new Design System in place, Wodify's team could develop new features in Reactive while gradually migrating existing features.

Reduced Technical Debt: By stopping the development of new features in Web Traditional, Wodify effectively curbed the growth of technical debt.

The collaboration between Mediaweb and Wodify serves as an exemplary model of how complex systems can be migrated to OutSystems' Reactive Web Apps with minimal disruption and maximum benefit.

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