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Web Development


The Job

Develop web applications.

Your Responsabilities

Develop server-side web application logic and integration of the work Front-End.


  • Solid OOP (Object Oriented Programming) knowledge
  • Solid patterns knowledge (MVC, MVVM, others)
  • Solid server knowledge (Linux and IIS)
  • Solid database knowledge in MySQL
  • Familiar with webservices (RESTful preferably)
  • Experience with PHP (Laravel is a plus)
  • Familiar with HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Problem solving capabilities
  • Organised and autonomous


  • Fluent in English
  • Sap
  • Experience with Bootstrap or other CSS frameworks
  • Familiar with PHP frameworks (Laravel, CodeIgniter, Wordpress, etc.)
  • Familiar with mobile development in Android and iOS
  • Familiar in Python or C#
  • Familiar with Outsystems
  • Familiar with websocket communication protocols/technology
  • Ability to explain problems to non tech-savvy people
  • Degree in Informatics Engeneering (or similar)