Design Sprint +

Components for all your needs!

All the components in the Rocket UI are coherent and consistrend among them and with OutSystems UI style. These are some of the components in our Rocket UI.


Design Sprint +

Increased Layout Variations

Rocket UI offers different kinds of structural layouts that can be combined with each other and like this obtain even more possibilities.


Design Sprint +

Custom Screen templates

When you create a new page in OutSystems Studio you will be able to choose one of these screen templates.


Figma File Optimizer

The fastest way to create your custom OutSystems design
The styles of the brand color in the Figma file are easily changeable to your company's visual identity!
Figma File Optimizer
Rocket Ui Customization

Figma Benefits

Why the Rocket UI was made with Figma

Design speaks development

The way that Figma defines the styles allows us to replicate what exists in OutSystems UI. This way the implementation and design can be coherent.

Design responsively with Auto Layout

Auto Layout components can stretch for easier responsive design. Auto Layouts' padding, direction, and spacing settings translate directly into code.

A system everyone can contribute to

Edit together in real-time and co-design.
Follow the presenter's every move and don't get lost.
See what was changed and go back in time.

Where design system folks find peace of mind

Figma scales with your ever-evolving design system and growing team.

Where your teams share the same language

Focus creation in the right areas when your team has a shared and always up-to-date design system.

Create prototypes that feel like the real experience

Turn your static design files into an interactive experience - no coding required.

Rocket UI in OutSystems

Not only designers but also developers have simplified workflow

Implemented in Outsystems

Besides being already designed the UI Kit is also implemented! That means that the Front-End Developers can easily apply the design following the OutSystems appearance
Design Sprint +
Design Sprint +

Design Solutions for OutSystems

Our Designers work daily together with our OutSystems using this awesome Rocket UI as their base.
OutSystems UI Patterns and Components and much more!
OutSystems Screen Templates and much more!

All for web and mobile!