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UX Expert Review


In this service, we will analyze how users interact with your app or product and identify UX issues

A User Expert Review consists of a set of recommendations on how to optimize your app/website and improve business performance.

Our methodology is based on heuristic principles, usability guidelines, and user interface best practices.

The Benefits

Identify problems of all sizes

Allows to identify minor issues...

It's possible to encounter some inconsistencies in front usage throught the interface, or a color that doesn't follow brand guidelines, or the wrong use of text alignment.

...and also allows identifying larger issues

Problems that go against Best Design practices would also get caught in the Expert Review. By evaluating the design, if there are areas of concern, they'll be identified.

First Things First

To deliver the best report as possible we will need to have some inputs first about:

Structure of the UX Report

A complete report with the following sections:
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01. List of usability strengths

The report must include a list of strengths and a short explanation for each.
It is useful to ensure that good design elements are not marred in the redesign process

02. List of usability problems

Must also, and more importantly, include a list of problems and a clear explanation for each. The problems will be grounding in a violation of existing UX knowledge.
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03. Severity ratings for each usability problem

After all the problems are identified, it is crucial to include a severity rating for each issue discovered. This step is key to making the findings actionable and helping designers or developers prioritize the redesign work. 

04. Recommendations for fixing each usability problem

Another key element of an actionable usability finding is a clear recommendation for how to address the issue. It is crucial adding solutions to positively influence the product.
A recommendation trace the path for a solution.
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When an UX Expert review should be done?
Can be done at any stage in the design cycle:
  • In a product perspective
Is used before a major redesign project
To identify significant strengths and weaknesses of the current live design
Should be conducted every 2 to 5 years Even when a major redesign will not occur, an expert review should be coducted every 2 to 5 years
  • In a company perspective
    Companies that have never done a design review
    Companies that want to validate new designs

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